Rural Women’s Network Nepal (RUWON Nepal) is a national network. It is an autonomous non-governmental feminist social organization working for the rights and social justice of rural women, youth and children in Nepal since 2007.The organization was registered in district administration office, Sindhuli, the Internal Revenue office (PAN/VAT), Janakpur and in Social Welfare Council (SWC), Nepal for its legality.

RUWON Nepal has implemented a number of projects across the country. It supports the women as well as children and youth especially from excluded, marginalized and disadvantaged communities of rural areas. It has also developed a network with different women organizations as its member organizations. The intent of this network is to achieve sustainable and equitable development through social inclusion, advocacy and empowerment mechanisms.


Advance women’s rights through advocacy and trainings on 1325, 1820, BPFA,CEDAW and EFA.

Increase in the number of economically self-reliant, skillful women.

Women who will be active in, modern agriculture and prevention of environment programs.

Prevent trafficking and prostitution through education, economic empowerment and awareness programs.

Established a Women and Girls Educational Fund (WGEF) for the needy girls and women for their education, leadership, IT training and livelihood.

Support the children who have lost their parents with home and proper education, love and care.

Provide health awareness and support for the rural women and children.

Support women and children to access quality services that ensure their human rights.

Capacitate RUWON’s volunteers and network member organizations through training, networking, exchange visits and sharing good practices and ideas at local, national and international levels.

Coordinate CBOs, NGOs and INGOs working in the fields of women, children and youth rights, economic empowerment, education, peace and democracy.

Our Vision

RUWON has the vision for a society that is based on gender equity, human rights, good governance, democracy and peace.


RUWON Nepal strives to contribute for the economic and social development of the country at local, national and international levels by empowering grassroots women and marginalized people through awareness, education, fundamental rights and advocacy.


RUWON’s goal is to contribute to the sustainable development in Nepal by empowering marginalized women, children and youth through gender equity, good governance, democratic practices, human rights, and volunteerism.



Goma Devi Bastola
Tulaja Dahal
Vice President
Binu Parajuli
Sarita Devkota
Sarmila Thapa
Kalpana Bayalkoti
Kamala Kumari Chaudhary
Nirmala Dhakal
Samjhana Kumari Pahadi