Saving & Credit Scheme for women in Need

The project “Saving and Credit Scheme for women in Need” is focused on the rural women, especially single women or mother and their family. Nepal itself a developing countries with almost half of the population below poverty line. Gender discrimination, caste discrimination and untouchability are the vital problems of the nation. Again women who occupies more than half of the population are facing the daily violence and poverty or unemployed due the lack of opportunity or lack of self-confidence so the has intended to select those marginalized rural women, especially single mother inclusively. The project selects the conflict affected women to sort out their financial difficulties by providing them the interest free loan according to the demand. The loan has to be paid in monthly installment basis and should be completed within 24 months.

The targeted groups are rural women especially single mothers (divorce, separated, widows including war widows). This Project mostly focuses the groups of the women who have been injured and also lost their husbands in the confrontation between Maoist and Nepalese Army. The project aims to provide the financial benefits and help them to improve their living standards. This project aims to empower the women and help them to solve the economic problems that they face in their life by providing them the interest free loan to run their business in an effective way. Direct beneficiaries of this project are 123 single women from rural, poor and marginalized communities.