Earthquake Relief Program

After the terrible earthquake 2015, we are actively support the people in affected areas of Nepal. Till today we reach Sindhupalchock, Kavreplanchock, Rasuwa, Dhading, Nuwakot, Sindhuli and Okhaldhunga districts and support the most affected families, schools and students by providing foods materials, health and sanitation kits, tents, mats for the affected families and school uniforms, bags, stationary, whiteboards, markers, duster and marker inks for the schools and school children.
We have provided

  • Food items (rice, bitten rice, salt, biscuits, oils, dry vegetables) for 9500 people for 25 days
  • Tents for 56 family
  • Mats for 537 family
  • Dignity kids and nutrition kits for 221 women (focused for New mothers, pregnant women)
  • Educational supports to the 2443 children of government schools (uniforms, bags, notebooks, pens, pencils)
  • Support to build 3 Temporary Learning Center (TLC)
  • Educational materials to the 7 schools (Zink for 2 schools and White boards, dusters, registers, markers, marker ink etc for 7 schools.)